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01 The characteristic

The characteristic of our products

  Developments, design, trial and evaluation after fully learning the customers' working conditions and environments.
  We realized proper and low prices by development of products in Japan and trial of products and mass production at our overseas factories.
  We provide just-in-time deliveries by acting inventory control for our major customers.
  Fully experienced in manufacturing all specs of container bags including Food Standard, UN Standard, Type C and so on.
  We can also supply inside liners only. (aluminum multi-layered, conductivity, antistatic properties, etc.)

Some of our products

MF1:Round shapeMF2:Round shapeMF3:Round shape MF4:Round shapeMF5:Round shape
MF6:Square shareMF7:Square shareMF8:Square shareMF9:Square shareMF16:Square share
MF18:Square shareMF28MF36:Square shape with baffleMF29:Conductive bag(TYPE-B)MF30:Conductive bag(TYPE-C)
MF31:Conductive bag(TYPE-D)UF01:Unit flexible containerCON01:Bulk container bag

02 Quality

Quality control (QC)

Monthly QC meeting with president attendance
Monthly QC meeting with president attendance
Weekly QC staff meeting
Weekly QC staff meeting
Quality check by president himself
Quality check by president himself

・A term of guarantee・・・・・・1year (from the date of delivery)
※ Conditions of guarantee :

・Products must not be exposed to the ultra violet rays.
・Products must be used only once in proper ways. (except special specifications)


Certification of ISO 9001
Certification of ISO 9001
halal certification
halal certification
Certification of Japan Industrial Standards
Certification of Japan
Industrial Standards
Transcript of UV prevention
Transcript of UV prevention
Analysis of food container
Analysis of food container
Certification of UN standards
Certification of UN
Transcript of strength examination
Transcript of strength examination

03 Development

UV and weatherability evaluation test
Heat run test
UN test for transportation of dangerous goods
Decontamination waste container endurance test
Research and development
Durability test
Analysis of strength
フレコンのJIS Z 1651基準試験

04 Applications

Product use situations

Chemicals / Food / Active carbon / Carbon / Batteries material / Salt / Pesticide / Feedstuff / Fertilizer /

Conductive bag (TYPE C)
Bulk container bag for decontamination waste
High durability FIBCs
Four step pile up
Application of container
Bulk container bag

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