01.Distribution System

Complete service system of quick logistics over short distances, domestic inspection, and bundling inner bags with flexible container bags, etc. In addition, we have managed flexible container bags inventory for customers, and have established a just-in-time supply system. It is also possible to send them directly to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia from our local factory in China including UN standard products. Please contact us for details.

Distribution System Distribution System

02.Shipping Management

Inventory control of flexible container bags

Inventory and distribution system

Temporary inventory of flexible container bags before shipment

Temporary safekeeping

Vanning flexible container bags


Domestic inspection of flexible container bags

Domestic inspection

Domestic inventory of flexible container bags

Domestic inventory

Just-in-time delivery of flexible container bags to each customer

Just in time derivery

03.Transport Logistics Tips

Marine container


About marine container

Marine containers are cargo containers that meet ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for efficient cargo handling at ports around the world. In Japan, 20ft, 40ft, and 40ftHQ containers are easy to use, and are the mainstream of marine containers. A 40ftHQ container can hold 7,000 pieces for palletizing and 6,500 pieces for bale backing (10 pieces / packing).

Marine Container Standards


Marine container standards

Outer dimensions (Inner dimensions) mm
*Size may vary slightly.
20ft Standard: Length 6,058(5,949) × Width 2,438(2,351) × Height 2,591(2,416)
40ft Standard: Length 12,192(12,082) × Width 2,438(2,351) × Height 2,591(2,416)
40ftH Standard:Length 12,192(12,082) × Width 2,438(2,351) × Height 2,896(2,691)

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