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Made to Order FIBC Bags

High quality and low price FIBC bag for Chemical Use, Food Container, UN spec Bags, Fully Conductive Bags, Aluminum inner Bag and Unit Bags.

Made to Order FIBC Bags

High quality and low price FIBC bag for Chemical Use, Food Container, UN spec Bags, Fully Conductive Bags, Aluminum inner Bag and Unit Bags.

Product introduction

Special flexible container bag

Special flexible container bag

We can manufacture a variety of flexible container bags according to customer requirements, such as with baffles, with special liners, and leakage prevention specifications. A flexible bag manufacturing professional can solve various problems for customers.

Weatherproof large soil bag

We also manufacture weatherproof large soil bags that can be used outdoors for a long time. We adopted a black fabric with excellent weather resistance, and achieved the highest level of weather resistance in a cross bag.

Electrostatic measures flexible container

We offer all types of anti-static flexible container bags (type B to type D). Each type can be made to order according to the customer's request.

Characteristics of our flexible container bag

Product features


Design to meet customer needs

Distribution system such as filling environment for customer's flexible container bag, on-premises transportation, shipping
The development, design, trial manufacture, evaluation and mass production after thoroughly studying.


Domestic product development and overseas production

We provide optimal specifications with the shortest delivery time by flexible container bag product development in Japan and trial production, performance test and mass production in our overseas factories.


Thorough cost reduction

We thoroughly control the cost of our own plant, eliminate unnecessary waste, strive to reduce the defect rate and improve the yield, and do what can be done locally at the local site, achieving a thorough cost reduction by establishing a head office structure with a minimum number of personnel.


Inventory management agency

In place of stock management of customer's flexible container bags, established a just-in-time supply system.


Assortment of high-level flexible container bags

There are many achievements in the production of flexible containers such as new JIS standards, high cleanliness specifications, food specifications, UN dangerous goods transport specifications, conductive specifications, and anti-electrostatic specifications. In addition, it is also possible to supply single items such as inner bags for flexible containers (aluminum inner bags, conductive inner bags, anti-electrostatic inner bags).

Basic knowledge of flexible container bag

Basic knowledge

Flexible container bag is an abbreviation of "Flexible Container Bags", but it is generally called "flexible bag" or "flexible".
As the name suggests, it is made of soft material and can be folded small when not in use. The shape of the FIBC bag is mainly round and square, and a heavy lifting strap (hanging rope) is attached to the top of the bag, and can be lifted by a crane.
In addition to the upper inlet, many types also have a lower outlet, so there is no need to turn over the FIBC bag when discharging.
FIBC bags are widely used for efficient transportation and storage and lower costs.
Our company handles decontaminating flexible container bags, weather resistant flexible container bags, UN specification flexible container bags, flexible container bags that support unit flexible containers and units, and halal certification, so it handles flexible container bags that can be used with confidence for Islamic customers.

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